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Martina Mráčková

The only therapist in The Czech Republic certified by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.
in psychospiritual therapy
and past life regression therapy
Internationally certified NLP Master
Neuro Coaching, Business Coaching
Healing, Awakening, Transformationn


The only certified therapist by Brian L. Weiss in The Czech Republic
Past Life Regession Therapy & Spiritual Therapy
Healing & Awakening & Transformation
Neuro Coaching & Business Coaching & Hypnosis


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
― Brian L. Weiss, Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories






My approach is based on certified know-how in the field of neuroscience, NLP, coaching, hypnosis, regression therapy, spiritual therapy, past life regression therapy and my spiritual gifts and intuition.
I am a holder of several international certifications in the field of personal and spiritual development. Iʾve got 15-year experience in HR Management, Management Consulting, leadership, training and coaching in the corporate environment. Iʾve got a business experience which allow me to combine coaching & therapy with business counselling and mentoring during our sessions. Over the years, my passion has been to learn many different coaching and therapeutic techniques designed for clients to directly experience the wise aspect of themselves which might be hidden deep in their subconscious mind.

My specialty is guiding you to your inner dimension of yourself to access your own inner wisdom and resources that can offer resolution to whatever  problem you are facing, whether it is anxiety, phobias, depression, or any painful, limiting emotion or “stuck” feeling, family and partnership problems, business troubles or any other. I guide you to find your own inner resources, purpose in your life, happiness, harmony and your own ability to face life with strength and love in your heart. 






Certified spiritual and past life regression therapy by Dr. Brian L. Weiss - gaining insight, growth and healing from accessing your own inner wisdom and past lives. It provides deep, spiritual learning from a higher perspective that helps you more easily move through life. You will tap into your inner wisdom to uncover the next step in your soul’s journey or evolution. You will gain clarity and insight about certain people, emotional or physical pain and specific challenges in your life. You will learn who you are and why you are here in this life.
Duration of a session: 120 minutes, recommended 3 – 5 sessions

Certified neuro coaching & hypnosis provide healing on a deep subconscious level. I combine neuro coaching with hypnosis and regression therapy for your better results. Past experience are always the cause of your current problems. During our session you release trauma but also the very subtle self-sabotaging feelings and beliefs that underlie nearly all of our issues, such as feeling unworthy, “not good enough”, or the need to guard our heart to prevent us from loving too deeply and risk getting hurt, etc. One of the purposes of your life is to become aware of the limiting mind programs or fears that you may be operating from, release them, and live from the freedom of your true Self. During our sessions we can heal your wounds, traumas, depression, anxiety, phobias, emotional stress, grief after a loss of a loved one, child or unborn child. We can heal your regret, guilt and emotional pain after such loss, experience deep forgiveness and acceptance of this situation on a spiritual level.
Duration of a session: 90 minutes

Life coaching & deep transformation session gives you the opportunity to unblock the current limiting states of mind, set your life goals and design the path to fulfill them. We will operate on both conscious and unconscious levels of your mind. You will clear off stuck emotions such as fear etc., find your inner resources and gain power to move further in your life, in partnership, relationships, family issues, etc.
Duration of a session: 90 minutes, recommended 5 sessions for your transformation

Business coaching session – I combine a variety of tools such as systemic coaching, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis. This approach leads directly to the successful goals achievement. Changes are fast and bring clear and effective results. You will quickly remove inner barriers which block your business performance, relieve stress and fear and open up your hidden potential. The results are the permanent positive changes in your thinking, behavior and communication.
Duration of a session: 90 minutes, recommended 3 – 5 sessions

Psychosomatic healing session - pain, illness, insomnia, eczema and other symptoms always have their cause in the subconscious mind, your past, your self value and self love. Neuro-scientists now know that trauma and the subtle energies of negative beliefs are stored in the body. NLP, hypnosis and regression therapy are the methods that release this stuck energy of thoughts/feelings/beliefs/fears from the body that are based in the past.
Duration of a session: 90 minutes, recommended 5 sessions

Healing children through parents – children are bond to their parents through subconscious mind. This gives us the opportunity to connect with the inner wisdom of your child through you as a mother or a father and heal their fear, anger and so-called "disorders" and discover the right approach to bring up your child.  You will gain precious wisdom from the higher Self of your child.



Certified professional in spiritual therapy and past life regression therapy by Brian L. Weiss, USA,
Internationaly certified NLP Master, NLP Practitioner, NLP New Code Practitioner, ITANLP, UK



INDIVIDUAL SESSION in Prague lasts 90  minutes. It includes transformative neuro coaching, spiritual therapy, past life regression therapy (up to 2 hrs), mediumship, mentoring, counselling and emotional healing.
Price: 3.000 CZK (115 Eur). Now you save 1.010 CZK (42 Eur).
Your price: 1.990 CZK. (73 Eur). Deposit 990 CZK is payable in advance.


ONLINE SESSION lasts 90 minutes. It includes transformative neuro coaching, spiritual therapy, past life regression therapy (up to 2 hrs), mediumship, mentoring, counselling and emotional healing.
Price for 90-minute session: 1.990 CZK (73 Eur) payable via bank transfer among Czech banks OR 2.500 CZK/100 Eur/110 USD via international bank transfer.
For online session write me please to:


ADDRESS:  NEA Academy s.r.o., Sacre Coeur building, 31 Holečkova str. 31, 150 00 Prague 5 – Smíchov.
Contact: martina@neaacademy, phone: +420 774 418 966



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